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Real Estate

BossLady Does RealEstate #BLDR

BOSSLADY DOES REAL ESTATE (BLDR) is a segment tailored to help people get access to all things Real Estate. BLDR is your go-to resource for helping buyers, sellers, and investors stay informed about their real estate decisions, local resources, and how to stimulate financial growth.

As BossLady, I believe Real Estate to be a key element for wealth building. So it is my duty to use my platform as a channel to connect people to subject matter experts to stimulate economic growth.




Get access to interviews with the entertainers and exclusive behind the scenes look of events worth following. If you don’t know about it, BossLady can get you the inside scoop.


From fashion tips, to exclusive interviews with up and coming fashion designers, BossLady news always seeks to connect with the greatest artists you never heard about.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to learn or a consumer seeking to support the best of the local establishments, BossLady will connect you the best local businesses in the Boston area. 

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