About Us

BossLady News is led by it’s founder and media personality Brit Johnson.

Brit Johnson is the producer, host, and real estate agent of the team. Since 2015 she has exclusively been a tv producer/host and an entrepreneur. Brit has been a Bostonian since a young child, and Dorchester MA was her city till the age of 18. Growing up in a 2 grandparent house that her family owned, she learned to become selfsufficient. Watching her guardians take care of the 2 family house, children, and be involved in the community; Brit was molded into who she is today.

BossLady Brit Johnson has always been in the entertainment world through way of fashion, so tv was a natural progression for her and her family lifestyle. She became fearless of leaving her corporate job and follow her passion, because of her 9 years in retail management and is degreed with a bachelors in business management, accompanied by an associates in fashion merchandising. Before leaving her corporate job she started an assistant service business back in 2012 (Do My Chores, DMC Services) but juggling a job, small business, tv production, and family was becoming a challenge. A challenge that others were explaining is preventing her blessings, so as the years went on and clients built up, she realized it was time to become self employed. Fast forward, Brit was successfully building her client base through DMC Services and BossLady News.

The Studio: Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN)


Boston Neighborhood Network, BNN is located at 3025 Washington St. Boston MA 02119. This amazing jewel in the community is where BossLady News does her in studio recordings and it is an educational center. BNN teacher is where Brit Johnson got to be certified on network equipment by the seasoned staff members.

A Connector of Resources

My objective as your spokesperson is to serve as a connector and facilitator. In this role, I am responsible for bridging people to the experts they need to achieve their home acquisition and sales goals.

What Matters to Us

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